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Visa Consultancy

Nursing Recruitment

We are an organization recruiting skilled workers and international students to the United Kingdom

Dual Citizenship

We provide assistance in applications for dual-citizenship in Sri Lanka for all Ex-Sri-Lankans

Work Permit

We are an organization that currently providing work permits for the following countries

Test Preparation

Many overseas educational institutions and universities have specific academic requirements

Visa Application Assistance

From filling applications to document preparation ACCE Consultants provide the necessary assistance required

Admission Assistance

Once you have selected your course and career path you wished to pursue it is equally important

Pre-Departure Sessions

We assure a worry free transition for all our students. We understand the stress and pressure this may cause

Post Arrival Assistance

Our consultants will remain around the clock to ensure that your stay is faced at no difficulty

Settlement Visa

Work Permit, We are currently providing settlement visa for the United Kingdom, Contact us for further details

Course Advice Guidance

Due to the vast courses available it can be difficult when deciding where and what to study. AACE Consultants are experts in understanding your goals and will provide the best advise in finding the most suited course. We are a leading consultants in Sri Lanka, we have consistent communication with leading universities across the globe, this helps us updated about diverse courses and programmes they offer. The updated information enables our consultants to guide students to choose the best study abroad programmes and courses. Our recommendations are unbiased regarding various courses and guarantees success for every student.


Countries We Offer Support

Our satisfied customers express their grateful happiness to us with lot of appreciations.

United Kingdom



Middle East



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AACE Consultants exist to provide you with an exceptional experience. Caring and proactive service paired with innovative, forward-looking individualized consultancy for immigration.